Our Projects

Our Philosophy


First Believers

At the beginning of anything, there are plenty of people who will tell you “no.” We take pride in being the first believer of the people and projects we support.


No Strings Attached

Grant programs often are so overbearing, the money isn’t worth the headache. Not us, once we commit to you, we have faith you will do your best.


Grass Roots

We believe in bottom-up community building. We support the smallest projects at the earliest stage that bubble up in a community. Make your way up the ladder, and then reach back and lend a hand.


Community First

Community is the fabric that keeps us connected. Building community happens when we create emotional connections with one another through the arts, music, food, & entrepreneurship.

“Launch Pad has been ground zero for the growth of the New Orleans entrepreneurial spirit—housing many of the city’s finest organizations including 4.0 schools, Lucid, and Propeller. Chris and Anne have tirelessly fought to showcase New Orleans as a place for startups on the world stage and I can’t wait to see how the next ten years impact other cities ecosystems.”

— Michael Hecht, Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Let’s work together.

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